Our COVID-19 Office Response in Tempe

Chiropractic Tempe AZ COVID-19 Update

We will be taking extra precautions in Tempe for your health and the health of our staff. If you are feeling ill, please reschedule your appointment for when you feel well. If you do feel well, know we are taking precautions to keep it that way. Until further notice, all Axis Spine and Sport staff will be:

  • wearing masks
  • frequently sanitizing surfaces and equipment
  • practicing social distancing measures

Please call our office with any additional concerns or questions on our procedures at (480) 454-4776.

Remember, It's Only Temporary in Tempe

We don’t want to have to do this anymore than you do, but if we all stick together we may get through this faster than we think. Remember, this isn’t forever, it’s just right now.

We would love the opportunity to serve you as safely as we can. Click Here to schedule an appointment!


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Axis Spine and Sport

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