Multi Location Policy

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Chiropractic Adjustment

Axis Spine and Sport Tempe and Axis Spine and Sport Gilbert are sister locations that provide the same quality service that patients have came to love and appreciate at Axis Spine and Sport. Each location will have many similarities and will also have some differences, particularly when it comes to the availability of services. Please contact the individual locations in Gilbert AZ and Tempe AZ to see if the service you're interested in is provided there.

Both locations accept health insurance, auto accident cases, worker's compensation, and have excellent cash pay plans and membership subscriptions. Each location is independently operated, therefore any prepayment plans are only valid at the location where they were originally purchased at. Please note that if you are recommended a treatment plan rom a provider at one of our locations, this treatment plan will not be able to be monitored at the sister location and we highly recommend carrying that plan out at one single location.

All patients who wish to be treated at both locations will have a treatment plan at each location once discussed with their provider. All payments associated with their treatment plan will also be held individually at each location.

If you have any questions about our policies regarding using both locations, please contact either location and we are happy to help you!