Normatec Compression Therapy

Chiropractic Tempe AZ Normatec

At Axis Spine and Sport, our Gilbert AZ and Tempe AZ chiropractors recognize the importance of sports recovery and how it is often overlooked in a training program. Additionally, professional athletes, dancers, and those who perform physical labor, typically do not have the time that they need to properly recover before their next job or game, leading to chronic pain and injury. As part of Axis Spine and Sport’s Sports Therapy Package, we offer the cutting Normatec Compression Technology.

Normatec Pulse Technology utilizes a patented three step, dynamic compression system that is designed to mimic the body's circulatory system. The therapy mobilizes fluid from the legs up towards your core, increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage. The pulsing action of the therapy has been found to more effectively mimic the body’s natural “pumping” action of the muscles and lymphatic system better than static compression. Additionally, the hold patterns built into the pulse cycle, prevents fluid from moving in the wrong direction, working synergistically with the body natural lymphatic flow. This process allows for increased nutrients and oxygen to the muscles while flushing out metabolic waste products such as lactic acid and inflammatory chemicals. Many people describe a “fresh” or “light” feeling in their legs after treatment.

How Normatec Therapy Performed?

The system consists of a set of pressurized boots or sleeves that are zipped onto each leg. There is a pre-inflation stage in which you will feel the boot begin to tighten onto your leg in order to shape the boot to your leg and maintain consistent pressure throughout the therapy. Once the pre-inflation portion is complete, you will begin to feel segmental compression starting at the foot and then work its way up your legs. Once it reaches full compression, the boot will release back to its pre-inflated state and begin again. A session lasts anywhere from 10-20 minutes can be set to 10 different pressure levels depending on your comfort level. The session should never be painful, so it is important to communicate your comfort level throughout the therapy.

Imagine being able to work out harder, play longer and heal faster! That’s what this technology does for you. At Axis Spine and Sport, the Normatec has the capability to pump more fluid from the limbs at a much quicker rate than traditional manual therapy or lymphatic massage. Helping the body’s natural ability to heal and repair, it’s an amazing addition to any strenuous physical activity or training program in Gilbert AZ and Tempe AZ.