Percussion Therapy

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Muscle recovery isn’t just important for the weekend warrior or seasoned athlete, but for anyone who has a body. We sit for hours, garden, pick up kids, move furniture, and put our bodies through activates that caused tension, trauma and damage to our muscular system. Percussion therapy has become an increasingly popular tool both for in-home use and in the physical medicine world as it is a way to address muscular recovery in a controlled, comfortable and comprehensive manner, both quickly and efficiently. After only a few short minutes, your muscles feel relaxed, tension has dissipated, and you feel invigorated by the fresh blood flow circulating through your body. Contact our Gilbert AZ or Tempe AZ chiropractors today to learn more about percussion therapy and its benefits, or read on below.

What does Percussion Therapy Do?

Percussion therapy is performed with a hand-held device which delivers rapid bursts of pressure and vibration in concentrated, short pulses directly to the muscle fibers. This breaks down adhesions, release muscular tension. Additionally, due to the rapid pulsing it improves circulation and lymphatic drainage, helping to bring fresh blood flow to the area and flush out any toxins that could lead to muscle soreness and pain. The results are decreased pain, increased range of motion, improved flexibility and faster healing time. What separates percussion therapy from traditional manual massage is its ability to desensitize the superficial layers of the muscle so that you can penetrate deeper into the tissue without the discomfort of a deep tissue massage. Therefore, it can get to the root of the issue much more efficiently and not have to suffer through the process!

Because of the rapid results delivered by percussion therapy, at Axis Spine and Sport we typically perform percussion therapy prior to your adjustment loosen you up so that you are nice and relaxed and can receive maximum benefit from the adjustment in Gilbert AZ or Tempe AZ!