Myofascial Release

low back pain relief with chiropractic care

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a technique utilized for treating problems that relate to the soft tissue structures in our body such as muscles, tendons and fascia. “Myo” refers to muscle and “fascial” refers to a system of connective tissue that encases every organ, muscle, nerve, and vessel in our body. Injury to myofascial system can be due to acute or sudden trauma such as an accident or sports injury; but can also be due to repetitive and cumulative injury over time such as poor biomechanics/posture, chronic inflammation or lifestyle habits. The result of these injuries is a shortening of the tissues, decreased blood flow, restriction of movement and pain. MFR is a tool that identifies and addresses these injuries in order to decrease pain and restore function. Contact our chiropractic team in Gilbert AZ or Tempe AZ today for help or read on below.

How is the Treatment Performed?

MFR accomplished by the practitioner applying gentle, sustained pressure to the targeted area while moving the muscle through its range of motion. This lengthens the restricted tissue, breaking up tension and adhesions within the fascia, and promotes blood flow to the area. Due to the specificity of the treatment, it typically takes 3-5 passes per area to effectively release the tissues per session. Depending on the extent of the tissue damage the amount of sessions needed will vary and will be determined by your healthcare practitioner. Most patients respond very quickly and can feel the results instantly!

Additionally, supportive therapeutic exercise and manual adjustments such as the ones prescribed in your treatment plan at Axis Spine and Sport, will help to sustain results and prevent reoccurrence and flare-ups.

Who benefits from MFR

The simple answer is everyone! MFR is safe and effective for all ages, athletic abilities, shapes and sizes! While MFR is targeted at myofascial pain, you don’t have to be in pain to benefit from the results. If you are looking improve overall movement quality, whether that be in sport or activities of daily living such as cleaning, gardening, or playing with your kids, MFR is for you!

Fun Fact:
Because the fascial system is one solid sheath of tissue that connects us head to toe, you may be surprised to find that the area being treated is distant from the location of pain! It is common that low back pain may be coming from a myofascial restriction in the hips, or neck pain might be due to restriction within the rotator cuff of the shoulder!

Our bodies are not just a sum of individual parts, but a complex, interdependent system. As a non-invasive technique MFR produces long term, quick results with little to no side-effects, that not only addresses the site of pain but gets to the root of the issue in Gilbert AZ and Tempe AZ.