Sports Performance And Chiropractic: How Elite Athletes Gain An Edge With Chiropractic in Gilbert AZ

Sports Performance and Chiropractic: How Elite Athletes Gain An Edge With Chiropractic in Gilbert AZ

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Nearly every professional athlete has a Chiropractor. Why shouldn’t you have a chiropractor in Gilbert AZ?

Since the beginnings of the growing field of sports medicine, Chiropractors have been on the frontline of the movement. Elite athletes are glorified and paid for how their bodies perform on the field. That means behind the scenes, they are doing everything possible to make sure their bodies are primed to move efficiently, heal rapidly, and prevent injuries. Sports chiropractic evolved out of the necessity to have a doctor who can not only treat athletes conservatively for the myriad of injuries they might suffer, but also one who could ensure that their nerves, muscles, and bones are functioning at their highest level. Now, you too can utilize what athletes have known for decades: Chiropractic is a secret weapon in the world of human performance!

Efficient Movement in Gilbert AZ

When your body is properly aligned, you are going to use the least amount of energy to do the most amount of work. This is called efficiency! Imagine two sprinters lined up for the 100m dash. One is wearing a traditional track singlet. The other is wearing sweat pants and a hoodie, with 30-pound dumbells hanging from his waist. If you had $10,000 to bet on the race, who’s your money on? Poor spinal alignment adds extra weight onto your body, making your body have to work harder to overcome the extra physical force you’ve placed on it. Chiropractors evaluate and improve these inefficiencies, increasing athletic performance, and decreasing injury risk.

Nervous System Performance

A recent study 2019 study demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments increased strength and something called “cortical drive” to muscles. This means that after receiving a chiropractic adjustment, subjects of the study not only had more power but also more stimulation for the nervous system going to the muscle. Similar studies show that getting adjusted has similar results to the nervous system adaptations seen from 8 weeks of strength training. These improvements lead to bigger, faster, and stronger athletes!

Improve Circulation

Your circulatory system and lymphatic system are responsible for bringing nutrients and oxygen to the tissues of your body and removing waste products. For athletes, this means delivering glucose and fats for energy, proteins for recovery, vitamins, and minerals for performance, and breaking down the lactic acid and hydrogen ions responsible for the soreness you experience after training. Using techniques like percussion massage, Normatec pulsed air compression, functional taping, and sport-specific exercises, we are able to supercharge the body's circulatory system, getting you back on the field or in the gym faster so you can crush that next workout!


Athletes in the Phoenix and Gilbert AZ area come to Axis Spine and Sports to not only heal their injuries but to take their game to new heights and gain a competitive edge that few others can give them. Schedule an appointment to get a full evaluation to see how you may be falling short of your full potential!